Sound Art

Sounds are used in artistic expressions such as programmatic music, sound installations, sound design, and sound exhibitions. This section mentions some sound art projects of the 20th and 21st century. Download the text here.

Sounds from the Soundscapes Rostock project were used in musical compositions of the group Hybrid Cosmics composed by HMT students Konstantin Siegmeier (bass), Jonathan Baudevin (drums), Maximilian Piotraschke (e-piano), and Stephan Wegner (e-guitar), and presented at the opening of the exhibition in the Haus Böll on 24 February 2011. Listen to "Soundscapes Rostock, after Bach Cello Suite Nr. 1, Allemande" here (premiere Haus Böll, 24.02.2011).

Michael Wins, member of this project team, has composed the song "Mein Herz" using sounds from Warnemünde in the context of this project. Listen here.