101224-St Marien Kirche.Christmas Eve Children's Service

12/24/2010 - 14:30

A Christmas Eve children’s service in the St Marien Kirche

<p> Flashrecorder Zoom H4N, stereo recording, wav: 44,1Hz/24bit, windshield.</p>

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Additional notes: 
<p> A full church on a cold snowy Christmas Eve afternoon with hundreds of people including many families with children. Outside the church the streets are quiet - it seems that the whole of Rostock is here. The fieldworker is standing in the entrance of the church and is surrounded by people walking in and out of the church. The sound of footsteps can be heard in the recording, and the sound of children. The children&rsquo;s choir can be heard singing, and one child is reading aloud through a microphone. The speaking is interspersed with singing.</p>